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Dead Rising 3
Rendering engineer on Capcom's XBox One launch title. Developing lighting, shadows and shading.
Reflection Manager
Developed a reflection parallax correction shader and cubemap manager plugin for Unity.
Video game outsourcing buisness and store. Low overhead storefront delivering affordable AAA assets.
Instant online calculator notepad built with Google's AngularJS library.
Curling Game
Realistic curling game with career mode, advanced ai and network multiplayer.
Saskatchewan's largest competetive gaming comminity. Complete with barcrafts, tournaments and korean bbq.
Won 1st place for MoveTo.Me, an API mashup using YellowAPI and Regina Open Data.
Worked as a data wrangler on the set of the Starcraft tournament 'IGN Pro League'.
Masters Thesis
A Practical Volumetric System for Indirect Visualization. Voxel visualization technology for video games.
Adaptive Keyboard
Developed experimental software for Microsoft's unreleased Adaptive Keyboard.
Dead Rising 2
Core gameplay software engineering for Blue Castle Games on Dead Rising 2.
Portal/Sector generation tutorial
A forum posting and discussion of my Sector flooding scheme.
3D games overview document
A look at a wide range of 3D projects I have developed over the past 6 years (outdated).
Irrlicht ChatQueue patch discussion
A forum posting and discussion of a gui patch for the Irrlicht engine (Code sample).
Irrlicht FileSaveDialog patch discussion
A forum posting and discussion of a gui patch for the Irrlicht engine (Code sample).
Added Pov-Ray functionality to a state space exploration tool.
Designed an entire FPS game engine, modeled after Half-life.
Network Bomberman
Designed as a IB project. Features full network play, level editor, cdkey authentication and a master game server.
ATI Normal Map Converter
GUI front end for ATI's 'WorldSpaceifier'.
A once popular GUI editing tool for Reakktor's Sci-Fi MMORPG Neocron.
RGB Picker
A simple but useful tool for describing RGB colour values in Hex or Decimal.
Max-Paintball 2D
My first computer game, created at the age of twelve. Features a single player campaign as well as multi player.

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